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My Favorite Exotic Landscape Specimen

My Favorite Exotic Landscape Specimen

Korean Fir

By Bob Girardin


For many years I have written and talked about the value of exotic conifers for landscaping. Some of the best trees I have found are Greek fir, Meyer spruce, Nordmann fir, Turkish fir, King Boris fir, and Veitch fir. But my all-time favorite is the Korean fir.

What Makes the Korean Fir so Special?

It's beautiful

  • Beautiful foliage with that signature white flash on the needles (see photo)
  • Striking purple cones

It's easy to grow

  • Basically self-shaping (see photo)
  • Digs and transplants easily
  • Resists most insects and disease
  • Extremely winter hardy
  • Adapts to many soil types
  • Breaks bud very late


Growers of Korean fir have a great opportunity to expand their market by getting this beautiful tree in their landscape. You can market Korean fir as part of your basic Christmas tree operation and you can also make contact with your local garden centers. Whatever you decide to do, this is the exotic conifer that will give you the best chance for success. Good luck.