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Sources for Exotics

Exotic Conifer Planting Stock 

A common question among exotic conifer growers is: “Where do I get some?”  Some are easier to find than others like Korean, Turkish, Nordman and Fralsam.  Others are more difficult if not very difficult to find.  The list below is of the nurseries we know that carry one or more exotics in seedlings or transplants.  The list  below is mid-west oriented.  Let’s add to it some of the West Coast and Southern nurseries that are locally known but not on our radar.  Just send a note to Cynthia and we will update the listing.  Nearly all of the listed nurseries will grow what you want if they know what that is, can get viable seed and the order is large enough to be worth the effort.  That means collaboration with other growers to agree on a particular plant type and seed source and getting enough interest that a nursery can put it into production -probably about 10,000 plants.  Seems like a lot but if 15-20 of us get together and we agree on a two-year commitment you have it.  This is particularly true of some of the newer hybrids.  ECA wants to help so let us know your level of interest. 


Matthew Mongin,
Nov 15, 2018, 6:54 AM