Exotic (ig-zot-ik) -noun
  1. a non-native plant

Join us:  August 5-8, 2021 at the North Carolina Christmas Tree Assoc. Summer meeting near Boone, NC

Save the Date and watch for your registration info here and to ECA members via USPS in June 2021

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Who are we?

We are growers interested in exploring alternative conifers for Christmas trees and the landscape. 

Exotic conifers offer one or more benefits:

  • Exceptional needle retention, foliage, color, density and texture
  • Desirable shape and form with little shearing
  • Insect and disease resistance
  • Frost and drought resistance

New Members - Learn, Share, Grow

When you join the Exotic conifer Association, you will gain access to a wealth of information and a network of passionate growers willing to share their knowledge and expertise.  

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  1. NN
    ncourage seed availability and seed orchard establishment
  2. Coordinate group purchases of seeds, plugs, and seedlings
  3. Share information through newsletters and field days

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